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Tactical Grappling Hook

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– Color: Silver
– Material: Stainless Steel
– Max. Load: 50KG
– Stainless steel material, with claw design.
– Provided rubber O-ring to tighten and fasten the grappling hook.
– Small and compact with folding claws, can expand and collapse, easy to carry.
– Strong bearing capacity, max load 50kg.
– Equip with a bat gear tie, for emergency connecting and hanging.
– Multi-purposes as an opener, a car traction rescuer, an object grabber, a hook hanging keys, etc.
– Used for Drill survival teaching, Physical teaching , climbing trees & anchoring & grapple falling objects teaching , etc.
– Not suitable for individual outdoor survival escape activity.
Package Included:
1 x Gravity Hook
1 x Bat Gear Tie
1 x Rubber O-ring
1 x Storage Pouch