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Private tour of Red Square with guide and of the Moscow Kremlin and the Armoury chamber with audio guide

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Learn about the history of the creation of Red Square, take amazing photos at the Kremlin and discover the Armory Chamber.


You will start your tour in the heart of Moscow, on Red Square. An experienced guide will tell you the history of the city’s development from ancient times to the present. During this interesting tour, you will learn about the history of the creation of Red Square, the appearance of the famous Kremlin walls, admire the architecture of the Historical Museum, the GUM building and St. Basil’s Cathedral. You will definitely have time to take amazing photos in the main square of the capital of Russia.After Red Square, your guide will continue the excursion in the Alexander Garden: a park dedicated to the victory of Napoleon.The walking tour will end at the Kremlin’s Kutafya Tower. After that you will visit the Moscow Kremlin and Armory chamber with an audio guide.The Moscow Kremlin is the heart of Russia, the most important historical and architectural monument of the capital, its symbol and business card. The magnificent architectural ensemble reflects the history of our state, the strength and power of spiritual heritage, the beauty and richness of cultural traditions.During your tour of the Moscow Kremlin you will see the main church of the Russian Orthodox Church – the Assumption Cathedral. It was in it that all the most important ceremonies took place and more than once decisive decisions were made in the history of the Russian state. Here emperors were crowned and crowned, metropolitans and patriarchs were elected.Important: tour of the Moscow Kremlin is held with an audio guide.After a tour of the Kremlin, you will continue to the Armory, a unique, priceless and, perhaps, the most famous museum-treasury of Russia. In the halls of the museum the most ancient state regalia is collected: the Monomakh hat is stored here, as well as ceremonial royal clothing and royal thrones, among which are the unique double silver throne of Tsarevich Peter and Ivan Alekseevich, the ceremonial armament and a unique collection of Easter eggs by Carl Faberge. The tour of the Armory is held with an audio guide.Important: tour of the Armory chamber is held with an audio guide.