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Portable Electric Nail Clipper

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Item Type Electric Nail TrimmerMaterial ABSWeight 85gSize 17 21 5 6 5cm 6 69 8 46 2 55inFeatures PERFECT EFFORTLESS TRIMThe electric trimmer is the safe way to trim your nails and is perfect for use on kids Effective Safer Nail FileCan Safely and Quickly trim and polish little toe and fingernails NOT Damage cuticles and nail beds Also easy to clean LED Front LightEffectively ensuring to use in the dark you can trim their nails while they re sleeping it s Whisper Quiet enough to not wake the sleeping baby ERGONOMIC DESIGNDesigned for easy and pain free use on fingernails unlike your outdated manual nail trimmer ROTATING BLADESBeveled blade spins at 500 RPM using one side to trim nails and one side to file nails SMOOTH EVEN EDGES Built in light helps trim and file nails perfectly every time Package Included 1 x Electric Nail Trimmer