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High Speed and Durable Micro SD Card with Adapter

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1. SD Card Adapter
Comes with an SD adapter, easily converts the Micro SD card into and SDHC/SDXC memory card and works with your digital camera.
2. 32/64/128GB Storage
Massive storage for all of your pictures, videos, songs and files.
3. Class 10 Speed Standard
BW-TF1 reaches Class 10 standard, UHS-1 32GB memory cards and UHS-3 V30 64/128GB cards.
Read Speed: 32GB: > 30MB/s, 64/128GB: >80MB/s
Write Speed: 32GB: > 10MB/s, 64/128GB: > 30MB/s
4. Full HD Video Capture
Takes advantage of fast read speeds of up to 80MB/s, smoothly capture full HD video without interruption.
5. Multiple Protection
IPX7 waterproof, high temperature resistant, shockproof and X-ray proof.
Brand: Blitzwolf®
Model: BW-TF1
Color: Memory Card: Red; Adapter: Black
Material: Memory Card: COB; Adapter: Epoxy Resin
Capacity: 32/64/128GB
Flash Type: TLC
Speed Class: 32GB: Class 10, UHS-1; 64/128GB: Class 10, UHS-3, V30
Read Speeds: 32GB: >30MB/s; 64/128GB: >80MB/s
Write Speeds: 32GB: >10MB/s; 64/128GB: >30MB/s
Power Consumption: Power Up Current < 250uA, Standby Current < 1000uA, Read Current