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Cool Waterproof LED lamp

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No outdoor space is ever complete without proper lighting. Without lighting your garden/balcony/terrace is just a pitch black hole of darkness at night, which results in all of your dinner parties either taking place in the light of day or inside your house. Of course, you could always use candles to shine a little light on the space, or you can get the light of 100 candles in one tiny compartment. This waterproof LED security lamp is the perfect gadget to complete any outdoor space! It is not only practical but also features a cool and modern design which almost makes this lamp to good to be true!
The ARILUX AL-SL01 has an internal battery which runs on solar light which means that you simply have to stick it in a place where the sun shines occasionally, and it will automatically recharge itself. Completely wireless! Motion sensors ensures that the lamp turns off when you no longer need it and results in the battery lasting for what feels like forever. On top of that there are also three different lightning modes to choose from so the lamp is adjustable for every need!
Battery included
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