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2in1 Electric Mosquito Swatter Dispeller /Mosquito Killer Lamp Wall-mounted Mosquito Killing Dispeller USB Charging With

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Specification Rated VoltageDC 5V 0 5AOperating Voltage3500VCharging TimeAbout 2 HoursRated Capacity4 2V DC 1200mAhMaterial ABSColor WhiteNet Weight 251gSize 46 x 23 x 2 8 cm common problem How to confirm whether the charging is completed When the electric mosquito swatter is inserted into the charging base the battery light when charging is red when fully charged it shows green Do not use while charging The maximum charging time should not exceed 12 hours If you will not use it for a long time please use it after charging for 3 months How to clean the electric mosquito swatter After turning off the power do not wipe the net surface with water or wet wipes to prevent short circuit Please keep the electric mosquito swatter dry and away from flammable gas or explosive dust Precautions1 When the electric mosquito swatter is working the metal mesh surface has high voltage Do not touch the metal mesh surface with your hands or metal objects 2 The electric mosquito swatter is a tool for killing mosquitoes and flies After use there may be residual current which should be used as a toy for children 3 Do not use in flammable gas or liquid places and do not often use metal and other conductive objects to spark on the metal mesh 4 Do not rinse with water or wipe with wet towels please keep the electric mosquito swatter dry to avoid damage to the internal electronic components 5 When not in use turn the power switch to the off position do not pat other hard o