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10pcs Effervescent Tablets with 250ml Bottle for Bubble Free Washing foam

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Just need a piece of effervescent tablet and 250ml warm water,
you can make a hand sanitizer. It is portable for home or travel sterilization
Features :
Effervescent tablet design, low cost and easy to carry.
Easy to melt, 1pc effervescent tablet adds 250ml warm water to become a bottle of foam hand soap.
Plant fragrance, skin-friendly and non-irritating, mild and moisturizing for hands.
Weak acid cleaning, can effectively inhibit bacteria while caring for hands.
Can be matched with multiple containers, such as induction hand-washing machine, wall-mounted soap dispenser, bubble press bottle, etc.
Specifications :
Quantity: 10Pcs
Dosage: 250ml water/pc
Package Weight : 150g
Package Size : 180 * 100 * 100mm
Packing List :
1 * Bag of Effervescent Tablet (10Pcs)
1 * Bottle